School of Visual Arts Gallery Chooses Videotel's VP71 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player

SAN DIEGO, February 23, 2015

Tyson Skros, SVA Gallery's exhibition manager, said the gallery found most media players to be too finicky. He states that the company chose the VP71 because "it just works, every time." Skros praised the media player's versatility and ability to adapt to a range of formats, stating that gallery employees don't have time to re-encode media in the middle of exhibit installations or during event setup. The gallery relies on the VP71 as a primary source for all its audio and video needs.

Skros also cites the durability of the VP71 Digital Signage Player and the ease of use, which makes work efficient for the staff. The gallery doesn't have to provide in-depth technical instructions for off-site installations, and the player works for complex multimedia as well as traditional movie screenings. Videotel Inc provides exceptional ongoing support whenever a challenge arises.

The VP71's industrial design allows continuous play, auto loops, and seamlessly auto repeats without the need for a remote or menu, making it an appropriate choice for museums and galleries. The rugged design ensures more than six years of use without failure, and the gallery can make use of functions such as motion and proximity sensors for interactive audience experience.

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