Videotel Digital Media Player Makes its Way to “Big Sky Country” Thanks to Two Dairy Queen Restaurants


VP70XD Industrial Looping Media Player
Who doesn’t want to saddle up to a Dairy Queen in iconic Jackson, Wyoming, and eat some equally iconic grub while watching a western movie? That’s what Darrell Hawkins thought. He’s the owner of two Wyoming Grill and Chill Dairy Queen locations who says, thanks to Videotel Digital, now his patrons can do just that. Thinking outside the box, Hawkins recently added two VP70XD Digital Media Players to the round-up at his Jackson and Riverton restaurants. With seamless auto-looping, the players keep his customers happy while they stream western films and scenic photos of the area’s gorgeous landscape. Now, that’s good eats.

Hawkins said, “We conducted a wide-ranging search to find a high-grade streaming device and, we were very fortunate when we found the Videotel VP70XD to stream our content. We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the device in both of our restaurants. And, the stellar service during and after the sale makes us confident in our wholehearted recommendation that Videotel can find a solution for you too.”

The VP70XD is built tough with industrial-grade quality and reads directly from a USB or SD card. It will auto loop a mixture of file types including auto files. Moreover, various slide show transitions and special effects keep audiences engaged 24/7. The digital player has a list price of $298.00.

“We love how Dairy Queen uses the VP70XD,” said Lisa Schneider, the VP of Marketing & Sales for Videotel Digital. “It’s the perfect fit because his restaurants are less about fast-food and more about having a place to just sit and enjoy your meal. Now, our digital media players help to give their customers a more relaxing experience. It’s just a terrific idea all in all.”

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