Videotel Digital Partner Program with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums is a way for us to give back something to help strengthen the mission of our not-for-profit partners and we are committed to donating a percentage of media player sales to benefit AZA’s work and all of its conservation efforts.

In addition to supporting AZA, Videotel Digital will also supply AZA members with free technical and service support if needed.

“We are excited to be partnering with Videotel Digital to offer AZA members a new and innovative solution for interacting with their visitors in this new environment. Touchless screens and ‘wave to activate’ technology are advances AZA members can use for ticketing, educational content, and directions while keeping everyone safe. It will be exciting to watch what we can do together!”

- Dan Ashe, President, and CEO of AZA

Videotel Digital’s reliable and affordable industrial-grade digital signage media players come with free digital signage software.  No license fees, no subscription, renewal, or upgrade fees! With each purchase, you have unlimited access to our user-friendly Studio Pro cloud software. Our digital signage players are popular with zoos and aquariums because they can be easily implemented with simple out-of-the-box installation and are engineered to run continually on a 24/7 basis for years without failure, minimizing administrative work.

VP90 Industrial Media Player
Videotel Digital’s VP90 4K interactive digital signage media player allows you to access and update content locally and remotely. Create a screen with as many quadrants as you wish or present a single video or image. The VP90 has the ability to pull in various software components such as social media, weather, youtube, and hundreds more. The player has a really unique capability that allows a visitor to control a  screen by using a QR code on your display. Create an interactive touchless display by allowing your visitors to control the TV screen with their own personal mobile phone! You may also turn this player into an interactive digital signage solution with any of Videotel's interactive touch or touchless sensors. 

 VP70XD Industrial Media Player

Videotel Digital's VP70XD is an  industrial-grade digital signage media player  ideal for looping content 24/7.  The VP70XD will auto power on, auto-start, and auto-repeat seamlessly 24/7 without any manual interaction from your staff.


Videotel Digital is also the only manufacturer serving the digital signage industry with the widest variety of innovative, sensor-driven, interactive touch and interactive touch-less peripherals. Our interactive devices are a great way to make a unique immersive playground for your visitors for an affordable price.

Videotel Interactive Devices

Videotel Digital is the exclusive North American Distributor for HyperSound directional sound speakers, which eliminate traditional sound noise and provide highly directional sound-tight zones without sound bleed, creating a 3D audio effect within a highly focused area to engage listeners without ambient distraction.


When placing your order online or over the phone - Please use CODE "AZA". When ordering online please see the option to enter the code on the final payment section. Videotel Digital donates a portion of each player's sale directly to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

VP92 4K Digital Signage Media Player Network & WIFI Capable, Access Content Remotely with cloud software. Interactive Capabilities
  • From $488.00

Sold out

VP90 (Discontinued - See NEW VP92) 4K Industrial, Interactive, Looping and Networkable Digital Signage Media Player
  • $488.00
VP70XD Industrial Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • From $298.00
VP71XD 4K (Discontinued - See NEW VP72) Industrial, Interactive and Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • $378.00
HD2600XD+ Industrial Grade Looping DVD Player (Will Play Copy Protected DVDs)
  • From $348.00
Advance Replacement - VIDBeam Directional Sound Speaker
  • From $485.00
HyperSound HSS 3000 Directional Sound Speakers
  • From $1,045.00
New TOUCHLESS WAVE to Play Interactive Digital Signage Solution
  • From $230.00
25mm Touch-Less Infrared Button
  • $48.00
Power Supply For VP70XD, VP70LTE, VP90, VP71XD and VP71XD 4K Media Players
  • $22.00
VP70LTE+ Industrial Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • From $298.00
1 to 6 Button Custom Made Inter-Play Harness (IPH) Used to Trigger Content with the Push of a Button
  • From $138.00
IPM+ Interactive Dry Contact and RF Module
  • From $98.00
MOVE Motion Sensor With Enclosure and 6' Harness
  • From $145.00
HyperSound HSS 3000 Directional Sound Speakers
  • From $1,045.00
Remote Control for VP71XD, VP70LTE+ and VP70XD (Gen2)
  • $25.00
Remote Control for HD2600 and V2200
  • $24.00
Replacement - HyperSound® Power Amplifier (Speakers not Included)
  • $598.00